Now and Then - In Liverpool

The Beatles secured their 18th No.1. single in the UK with the release of Now And Then, an incredible 60 years after their first No.1 From Me To You, that topped the charts for seven weeks from the 2nd May 1963.

Billed as the last Beatles song, Now And Then was released in the UK on Thursday, 2nd November, a strange decision, as sales for new releases begin on a Friday, meaning the 10,000 or so sales from Thursday, 1st November were lost in the first week sales, considered the best time for legacy acts to achieve a No.1 single, there again, this was the Beatles.

We decided to grace the Liverpool Beatles Museum on Mathew Street with our presence:-). Seriously, Roag and the staff there are first class. One hundred tickets were made available to fans to hear the premier of the new song and we managed to obtain eight of them. 

We were greeted with a choice of tea, coffee, a beer and cakes.  

Within 30 minutes we would be joining Beatles fans around the World and up the street at the Cavern Club to hear the premiere of the Beatles new single 'Now and Then'.

Roag Best played the song twice to the hushed crowd who responded with a huge round of applause and loud cheers.

After the event was over and a few celebratory drinks we rushed around to HMV in Williamson Square to buy the single, only to be told their copies of Now and Then hadn't arrived.

 HMV were having a midnight opening and a few mates joined around 100 or so fans to buy the new single that arrived by courier.

A few Liverpool mates braved the rain and were rewarded with the new single which had arrived by courier, posters and more to make this a Beatles event to remember.

Eddie M


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