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The Beatles – GET BACK

Pear Entertainment - Pear 1911- 2022 The Beatles Last Live Performance, Recorded 30th January 1969 Can you imagine finding yourself in London at No.3 Saville Row  on a planned sightseeing visit to the Beatles Apple Corps building.  It's a bonus that you will seen all four Beatles arrive abeit seperately at Apple during the morning of  Thursday, 30th January  1969  but surely curious why they are all there. It was around midday that the Beatles emerged from the Apple studios up the steps to appear live in their legendary appearance on the Apple rooftop. The CD contains 26 tracks from the Get Back sessions including multiple versions of Get Back & Don't Let Me Down, the first single eventually released on the 11th April 1969 from the January sessions. The DVD contains  The Rooftop Concert - Single screen The Rooftop Concert - Multi screen from Disney's documentary Paul McCartney - I've Got a Feeling live with John on screen plus Get Back live. I purchased this CD\DVD