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CD Review: At The Cavern Various Artists

  R EVIEW:   At the Cavern could have been so much better had it been recorded a couple of years earlier when the Beatles were still plying their trade in Liverpool but there again Decca missed out on them so they wouldn't have been able to appear on this album! TRACK LISTING: 1. Doctor Feel Good - The Marauders 2. Keep On Rolling - The Marauders 3. She's Sure The Girl I Love - The Fortunes 4. You Really Got A Hold On Me -The Fortunes 5. Everybody Loves A Lover – Beryl Marsden 6. Devoted To You -The Dennisons 7. You Better Move On - The Dennisons 8. Little Queenie – Dave Berry & The Cruisers 9. Diddley, Diddley, Daddy - Dave Berry & The Cruisers 10. Bring It On Home To Me - The Big Three 11. Skinny Minny - Lee Curtis & The All-Stars 12. Jezebel - Lee Curtis & The All-Stars 13. I'm Talking About You –Bern Elliott & The Fenmen 14. Little Egypt – Bern Elliott & The Fenmen 15. What'd I Say - The Big Three 16. Don't Start Running Away - The Big Th

CD Review Jude - Julian Lennon

REVIEW:   Julian Lennon didn't plan to make another album after his 2011 LP, Everything Changes, but as time went on, something shifted. The artist found himself revisiting songs he'd written and recorded 30 years ago, and decided to update the production, to make the tracks more relevant in today's world. The creative process sparked new music as well. These songs, drawn from the past three decades, have evolved into Julian's seventh studio album, JUDE. The album's title is a reference to the Beatles' iconic song 'Hey Jude,' written by Paul McCartney, to cheer up a five-year-old Julian following his parents' separation. The album cover, a photograph of the musician's younger self accompanied by McCartney's handwritten title, to the arrangement of the song, illustrates how Julian has come to terms with his past as he looks forward to the future. "...we are all still dealing with some of the same time old questions, from 30 plus years ago