CD Review: Zoom In Ringo Starr


In October 2019, Ringo Starr released his 20th solo album 'What's My Name' and declared it his last album. Instead, he would use the EP format for future releases, 'Zoom In' being the first with another promised in October. The five track EP recorded during the pandemic features an array of star guests and backing singers especially on the opening song 'Here's to the Nights' written by Diane Warren ​and debuted on the 18th December 2020 the same day as the release of McCartney 111. The anthemic song includes Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, All Starr Band mate Steve Lukather & Dave Grohl. ​The 'Mrs' pointed out that the verses on Here's to the Nights sound similar to Paul McCartney's Fireman song 'Sing the Changes' only slowed down. She's not far wrong! Ringo sings well on Zoom In and the title track Zoom In, Zoom Out is no exception. ​It's co-written by Jeff 'Wind Beneath My Wings' Silbar and Nashville musician Joe Turley 111 and there's some excellent guitar work by the Doors' guitarist Robbie Krieger. Teach Me To Tango is the first of two songs co written by Ringo. It's an upbeat song that could find a home on any of Ringo's early 70's albums, okay maybe not 'Ringo' but as with other songs on 'Zoom In' it's lifted by background vocalists Candace Devine, Zelma Davis and Charity Daw. The reggae song on the album 'Waiting For The Tide To Turn' is co written with long time associate Bruce Sugar. He's worked with Ringo since 2003 including 2019's album 'What's My Name. Bruce is the ideal co writer for Waiting For The Tide To Turn, he has worked with reggae artists including the legendary Toots and the Maytals. Finally, the fifth and final track Not 'Enough Love In The World' is co written by All Starr Band mate Steve Lukather and Steve's Toto band mate Joseph Williams. It's an out & out peace & love song with some excellent guitar work by Steve. The song's pretty good but a bit repetitive but a fitting closing track. Ringo Starr's 'Zoom In' EP gets a 4/5 star rating from me and I'm looking forward to another EP release from Ringo in October.


1. Here’s To The Nights 2. Zoom In Zoom Out 3. Teach Me To Tango 4.Waiting For The Tide To  Turn 5. Not Enough Love In The World


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