CD Review: Water From The Wells Of Home - Johnny Cash


Over the years Paul McCartney along with the other Beatles have made numerous appearances on other artists albums and if you're a completist like myself then the purchase of these albums can make it a very expensive hobby!

I wouldn't have thought that Glen Campbell, Johnny, June & John Cash Carter, Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams Jnr and Waylon Jennings were musical bedmates of Paul McCartney but that's what happened in 1988 when they all appeared on the same Johnny Cash album 'Water from the Wells of Home' released on Mercury Records.

The album also featured the Everly Brothers but of course they would prove to be the exception.

''New Moon Over Jamaica' the penultimate track on the ten song album is a pleasant acoustic based ditty co-written by Tom T Hall, Johnny Cash & Paul McCartney.

The track was recorded during Paul's Flowers in the Dirt sessions, i.e. after recording demo sessions with Elvis Costello and before recording demos including Motor of Love and We Got Married in his home recording studios.

.'Talk about playing safe, 'New Moon Over Jamaica' features new Paul McCartney band members Chris Whitten (Drums), Hamish Stuart (Guitar) and Linda on vocals, while Geoff Emerick was in place as engineer.

If you're a fan of Johnny Cash you'll no doubt enjoy this album but if you're a Paul McCartney completist and not that keen on Johnny Cash & the country music genre then you're probably better off looking for a bootleg compilation of Paul's appearances on other artists albums.

Believe me it will be cheaper! 


1. Ballad of a Teenage Queen (feat. Rosanne Cash & The Everly Brothers) 2. As Long As I Live (feat. Jessi Colter, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings & Roy Acuff) 3. Where Did We Go Right (feat. June Carter & The Carter Family) 4. The Last of the Drifters (feat. Tom T. Hall) 5. Call Me the Breeze (feat. John Carter Cash) . That Old Wheel (feat. Hank Williams, Jr.) 7. Sweeter Than the Flowers (feat. Jessi Colter, Emmylou Harris & Waylon Jennings) 8. A Croft In Clachan (The Ballad of Rob MacDunn) (feat. Glen Campbell) 9. New Moon Over Jamaica (feat. Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, June Carter & Tom T. Hall) 10. Water from the Wells of Home (feat. John Carter Cash.


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