CD Review: McCartney 1,2,3 Paul McCartney


Here it is then, the latest Paul McCartney release, the first after his triumphant Glastonbury appearance.

McCartney 1,2,3 contains his three 'solo' albums with 35 songs spread over 50 years from 1970 to 2020.

While it's considered he played all the instruments and sang all the songs we'll overlook appearances by Linda on backing vocals, Abe on drums or Rusty on guitar:-)

It was only a matter of time before somebody at MPL would come up with the idea of a box set of the McCartney albums.

Disappointingly, there's no 2022 remastering or sign of any bonus tracks but what you do get is three bonus prints, size depending on what box set you buy, 3xCD, 3xLP or 3xLP coloured vinyl.

McCartney 1,2,3 does serve a purpose, it delivers some of Paul's best music, including possibly his greatest solo song to different generations, 50 years is a long time man!

Highlights include in chronological order: The Lovely Linda, That Would Be Something, Every Night. Junk, Oo You, Momma Miss America, Teddy Boy, Maybe I'm Amazed, Coming Up, Temporary Secretary, Waterfalls and the whole of McCartney 111.

Some may call McCartney 1,2,3 a cash grab but it's a valid release and brings these songs to different generations over the last 50 years, that can't be a bad thing.

Next up Glastonbury?



1. The Lovely Linda 2. That Would Be Something 3. Valentine Day 4. Every Night 5. Hot As Sun/Glasses 6. Junk 7. Man We Was Lonely 8. Oo You 9. Momma Miss America 10. Teddy Boy 11. Singalong Junk 12. Maybe I'm Amazed 13. Kreen-Akrore


1. Coming Up 2. Temporary Secretary 3. On the Way 4. Waterfalls 5. Nobody Knows 6. Front Parlour 7. Summer's Day Song 8. Frozen Jap 9. Bogey Music 10. Darkroom 11. One of These Days


1. Long Tailed Winter Bird 2. Find My Way 3. Pretty Boys 4. Women and Wives 5. Lavatory Lil' 6. Slidin' 7. Deep Deep Feeling 8. The Kiss of Venus 9. Seize the Day 10. Deep Down 11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes


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