Paul McCartney - All By Myself (Eric Carmen AI Cover)

Over the last few weeks a number of  Beatles & solo related videos have been uploaded to You Tube. Nothing new there I hear you say but these are uploads that have used AI technology to change musical history.

Like a kid in a toy shop I've been ploughing through a number of uploads, enjoying and cringing at their various degrees of sucess and failiure.

The first two AI videos I encountered made a big impression on me. Mainly because the changes to the songs were minimal but totally effective. They are Paul McCartney's 'New' and John's incredible Grow Old With Me which at this moment in time has had 84,000 views in 5 days, most probably from me! They must be doing something right. Other highlights include the wonderful I Don't Know from Egypt Station, subtle changes but again totally effective.

The highlights for me are Paul McCartney's Billy Joel AI versions She's Always a Woman To Me and My Life but check out Eric Carmen's All By Myself performed by Paul McCartney. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

Eddie M


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